Why use this over a Christening?

Why do you need a Celebrant?

Maybe you are not religious or don’t feel that you can make a commitment on behalf of your child, or that members of the chosen Guardians are not religious which is generally a pre requisite for a christening.

It doesn’t matter what age your child is, if you choose the Celebrant route of creating your own ceremony, siblings, family, friends and even the child can be part of this process. The question of religion can be left to the child at a later date, but now you are welcoming your child into the fold and conferring a chosen name upon them.

This service can also be used to welcome adopted children to the family.

£250 to include initial meeting, all email correspondence, writing of service and exchange of drafts, officiating your child's ceremony, and travel costs up to 30 miles round trip. For any mileage over 30 miles (round trip) 45p per mile will be charged.

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